Seek to understand differences, in views, in people, in opinions.

Team Development

Team Coaching

Do you have a leadership team that isn’t performing as they should?  Perhaps there is conflict or competition among the leaders.  Perhaps everyone seems to be going in different directions and not meeting their collective goals.  Maybe you, as the leader would like some help getting everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction to achieve more organizational success.  If so, let’s talk.

Our team coaching process provides the guidance to bring the team together, create equanimity, establish a common vision, and purpose, and set collective and collaborative goals to be high performing.

Team coaching can help you get your leaders working together towards collective success.

Your Investment in Learning: Please Inquire

Team coaching fees are determined by the number of leaders on the team and the length of the team coaching engagement.

Group Coaching

You don’t have the budget to hire individual coaches for your leadership but believe your leaders could benefit from coaching.  Group coaching could be the solution. 

In group coaching we bring leaders from different parts of the organization together to address common stumbling blocks and discover solutions that will work for each individual.  Leaders get a chance to meet bi-weekly or monthly, discuss common challenges, share experiences and best practices, and work through issues.  Topics will arise as leaders bring them to the table, however may also include:

  • Time management
  • Setting clear direction and expectations
  • Managing employee performance
  • Strategic thinking
  • Aligning around a common purpose

Your investment: Please Inquire.

Group coaching fees are determined by the number of leaders in the group and the length of the group coaching engagement.

Team Retreats

Evergreen Leadership also facilitates customized team retreats that can be anywhere from one day to several days depending on your needs.  Let’s discuss how we might help you accomplish your goals at your next retreat.

Your investment: Approximately $5000 per day for planning and facilitation, plus travel and expenses.