Client Reviews

“Lori has a way of connecting the dots and struggles of my life into a focused, clear next step.”

“Lori is a highly effective leadership coach and has significantly helped me in my leadership journey over the last year with the BetterUp program. Lori and I met on a weekly basis for 30 minutes and I always walked away from those discussions with a better understanding of my strengths and the areas I needed to focus on. These sessions were nurturing, and I felt challenged at the same time. Lori supplemented the coaching sessions with brief, yet effective, research and reading materials which I found very valuable.

Over the last several months, through practice, I have been able to incorporate Lori’s coaching and guidance into my leadership behaviors which have resulted in measurable outcomes. I feel more content, happy and my team also feels the same. My team and I have been able to accomplish great results at the same time.”

Vineet Agrwal
Vice President, Cybersecurity, Technology & Resiliency Risk Oversight, American Express

"Lori is excellent – both professional and warm from the start. Our conversations are structured but led by the issue I wish to work through, and we always end with clear actions I can take. Her questions are always spot on – causing me to reflect and reassess when necessary."

A. Rekhi
Canadian Ambassador to the Czech Republic

“Lori was able to quickly create a safe space for me to discuss important issues and I trusted her almost immediately, which is very rare for me.”

D. Saunders
Senior Manager, IT, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis

“Lori has been a great coach over the last 3 months. My effectiveness as a leader as well as the effectiveness of my team has increased exponentially in a very short period of time.”

C. Miller
Senior Manager, T-Mobile

"Lori is skilled at uncovering the root of what needs to change and doing so in a gentle welcoming manner. All that's left is implementing what was discussed and following up on minor changes afterwards. It has been rewarding and inspiring working with Lori. "

Jason Rogers
Senior Packaging Engineer, Mars, Inc.

“Lori has been a great coach over the last 3 months. She encouraged me to stop and think differently about how I was managing my team, my time and my life. My effectiveness as a leader as well as the effectiveness of my team has increased exponentially in a very short period of time. THANK YOU LORI!!!”

"When I first started my coaching journey, I was in a place where I needed help assessing my options and career next steps. Within a few months I was promoted to a new level, and our coaching focus transformed to how to succeed in my new role. Since then, our conversations and topics have evolved, and I am now more strategic and long-term focused than ever before. I owe a lot of thanks to Lori for helping facilitate my growth. Her coaching partnership has produced amazing results for me."

Darrel Martin

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for being a great coach. I have an entirely new perspective on things, all thanks to your coaching. I am more open to collaborating with my peers on projects, sharing successes with my line manager, being proactive in scheduling time with leaders and focusing on my priorities vs. reactive work. I know we have a few more sessions but wanted to make sure I took the time to express my gratitude. "

Rachel Straight

"Lori listens to really understand the problem. She doesn't necessarily offer a solution, instead she guides you into creating your own's been a great journey and I’m excited to continue our partnership."

Sabrina LeBeouf

“Lori is truly an amazing listener and has helped me become more self-aware. She has a knack for recognizing strengths in me that I didn’t know existed, and is excellent at providing constructive feedback for growth and development.”